Screen shot of DVEX in use


Tactical Full Motion Video Exploitation

To improve real-time situational awareness and strengthen post-mission forensic analysis and intelligence reporting, when in theatre, warfighters require a deployable, tactical system to capture and manage Full Motion Video (FMV).

D-VEX is designed for in-theatre operations where ease-of-use and low system overhead are vital.It is a next generation tactical video exploitation system for the real-time and forensic analysis of full motion video from airborne and/or unmanned surveillance platforms. D-VEX provides operators with easy-to-use tools for enhancing and analysing live and recorded video with integrated situational awareness map displays. Together with its data management and archiving capabilities and recently integrated target detection capabilities, it provides operators with a complete operational workflow solution.

Now with newly integrated automated target detection features enabled from Sentient and Chemring Technology Solutions, D-VEX makes it even easier for analysts to detect, analyse and report on targets and events in maritime, search and rescue and battlefield environments.

D-VEX Exploit screen showing Kestrel detections


                        D-VEX Exploit client software used for ISR video exploitation

D-VEX streamlines operator workflows with an intuitive interface that can be mastered with minimal training. D-VEX with target detection delivers much needed productivity gains to users of airborne surveillance platforms by reducing operator fatigue, increasing detection rates and increasing overall mission coverage area.

    • Scalable digital video and metadata recording with geospatial indexing
    • Low latency and time-shift video playback modes
    • Situational awareness via integrated moving map display
    • Video tagging and graphical video annotation
    • Precise location-based searching and accurate video navigation
    • Automated target detection and moving target indication (MTI)*
    • NGA Motion Imagery Standards Profile (MISP)/STANAG 4609 compliant
    • Runs on standard COTS IT hardware
Hardware Configurations

A D-VEX system can be delivered in a physical configuration to suit your requirements. D-VEX systems have been operationally deployed in:

    • a small form-factor on ruggedized laptops (known as TAC-MAAS in the US region)
    • a mid-sized form-factor in ruggedized server racks suitable for in-theater operation
    • a large form factor for use in operational facilities
    • and can be scaled to other form-factors as required
 * Built-in automated target detection technology requires a Sentient Kestrel or a Chemring Technology Solutions VTA2.0 license.

** In the United States of America, D-VEX is known as TAC-MAAS and is distributed by GD-AIS.  Click here for more information on TAC-MAAS.


D-VEX Brochure D-VEX Brochure (2126 KB)