We're a dynamic, growing media technology company looking for switched-on people to help us innovate at every level.

A career at Mediaware will see you working in a relaxed, but technically demanding environment where your skills will be tested and honed on challenging projects, particularly centered around compressed digital video software solutions.

We are a flexible team of people able to respond rapidly to the needs of our customers and we pride ourselves on being able to provide user-friendly solutions to very complex problems.  We are always looking for talented individuals with demonstrated skills in software engineering, R&D, product management, sales, finance and marketing.

From time to time, open positions will be advertised below. Please send us your resume if you would like to considered for an advertised position.

A great place to work

"I like working here, it's just the sort of work I like to do. The people here are fun and challenge me to grow and I'm always learning new things."

Josh Brennan, Junior Services Engineer

We're building this together

"Mediaware is a great place to work at. We are a hard-working team committed to great outcomes for our clients. Enjoying what you do and having pride in the results is a key tenet at Mediaware."

Sharon Windle, Director, Human Resources at Mediaware