Ad Insertion, Splicing and Playout

Industry leading MPEG splicing solutions

It is accepted by the broadcast industry that MPEG splicing is the most efficient way of deploying scalable content replacement and advertising insertion in transport stream broadcast environments. Mediaware is a leading authority in compressed domain splicing with over a decade of real-world broadcast experience delivering ad insertion, splicing and playout solutions for SD, HD and UltraHD HEVC.

Compressed domain splicing is the process of digitally switching from one compressed digital TV signal to another without decoding either signal back to uncompressed baseband video and audio. Seamless, frame-accurate MPEG splicing is desirable in commercial broadcast environments because it reduces costs, streamlines operations and achieves a better quality broadcast by avoiding unnecessary decode/re-encode steps.

Mediaware software can splice:

  • Between two or more live video streams
  • Between a live stream and a file stored on a server
  • Between two files stored on a server

Our digital processing technology can be used to insert or replace ads, programming, audio and subtitles files into multiple transport streams with bulletproof reliability.

Digital Program Insertion

InStream Splice allows you to convert content into compressed video channels. Support up to 20 HD or 40 SD channels in one device, InStream Splice combines the functionality of a digital ad server with ad insertion control, monitoring and automation - eliminating your reliance on costly hardware appliances.

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Channel regionalisation

Increase your advertising revenues by regionalising channel content with InStream Splice.  You can confidently monetise content when using Instream Splice to prepare your simultaneously broadcasted regionalised terrestrial TV channels. InStream Splice can also be used to create playout channels for satellite, digital, cable or IP television.

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Subtitles & audio replacement

InStream Splice can be used to manage simultaneous playout of different regionalised audio, teletext and subtitles to accompany compressed video content. One server can support up to 20 HD or 40 SD channels.

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