ISR Video Exploitation

Next generation solutions for real time and forensic analysis of full motion video

Mediaware has a long history of supporting the defence and civil law enforcement sectors. Our customers depend on us for digital solutions that extract actionable, timely intelligence from surveillance and reconnaissance imagery gathered. Our software is well-known for its ease of use, compact form factor, robustness and reliability.

While our Mediaware brand focuses on creating and developing digital solutions for the media and entertainment market, our ISR products are managed by a separate business unit, General Dynamics Mediaware, dedicated to serving the military and homeland security sectors.

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Processing, exploitation and dissemination (PED)

Mediaware's PED solutions combine advanced video and player controls with detailed metadata and situational awareness tools. They play most ISR video and still-imagery formats and accelerate the generation of mission reports and presentations.

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Compact and tactical

Mediaware's ISR exploitation solutions are available in a range of form factors from highly tactical, indvidual units throught to multiple channel server systems.

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Archive, data management and retrieval

Mediaware's video solutions process and manage large volumes of motion imagery collected and reduce operator fatigue by removing the need to review large volumes of digital material manually.

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