Advanced Ad Insertion

TV looks better with InStream

“The choices we make each day about what to watch and what to buy are greatly influenced by our immediate surroundings, our communities, towns and cities.” – Nielsen, Local Watch: Where you live and its impact on your choices, 2014.

Today’s consumers think of themselves as a ‘demographic of one’
The rise of social media, mobile devices, and big data and analytics has given us greater access to content and brands than ever before. As a result, consumers are more connected and demanding – what we want, above all, is a personalised experience.

Forward-thinking advertisers are responding to this power shift by localising advertising and content to meet consumers’ expectations. Broadcasters and media facilities are in an ideal position to help advertisers pursue this strategy across digital television, cable, satellite and IPTV networks.

Relevant, localised advertising and content increases viewer stickiness and reduces audience churn. With differentiated messaging, advertisers can benefit from increased campaign effectiveness, while broadcasters increase ad revenue yield and open new revenue streams.

Media facilities and broadcasters around the world are using InStream Splice ad insertion technology to seamlessly localise content while preserving video quality. Best of all, it does so with less complexity and at a lower operational cost than the traditional baseband insertion method.

Tell me more about how InStream Splice's scalable design can deliver seamless, frame accurate insertion and splicing of MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265 video.

For a demonstration, please contact Mediaware.

For truly loseless MPEG-2 logo burn-in, InFuze and InFuze Live simplify and automate the processing and distribution workflow by enabling artifact-free burn-in of digital onscreen graphics, bugs, watermarks and crawls into live and file-based MPEG video playout.