Mediaware presents ACE for the first time in Europe at IBC 2016

CANBERRA, Australia - Mediaware, leaders in digital ad insertion, playout and compressed television technologies, will showcase its Matrix with Audio Control Engine (ACE) multi-channel audio loudness processor for statistically multiplexed transport streams at IBC 2016.

Designed to be used by satellite, terrestrial, cable, IP and B2B television networks, ACE combines Mediaware’s unique transport stream processing software with the market-leading algorithms of Linear Acoustic® to provide operators with an alternative technology choice for managing loudness compliance in the headend.

Linear Acoustic®™ is designed to control loudness of audio content within user specified parameters, while providing the best listening experience within a wide range of playback environments. By offering loudness control at the transport stream layer, Mediaware enables broadcasters to confidently meet their region-specific audio loudness obligations while improving the viewer’s listening experience when channel surfing.

ACE loudness control is capable of processing loudness parameters, for all transponders and audio components, within the tight constraints of a statistical-multiplex. Applying loudness control in the transport stream, across all multiplexes directly before modulation, significantly reduces complexity and the cost of deployment. Alternatively, ACE loudness control can be applied to, each TV service entering the facility, making ACE an ideal choice for foreign content and turn-around channels as it improves the viewer’s audio experience while ensuring the broadcaster complies with loudness regulations.

Mediaware is committed to supporting our clients with all of the broadcast functions they need to deliver uncompromising digital playout from the headend. Introducing a loudness control solution to our range of compressed media processing solutions removes yet another cost prohibitive barrier when launching new channels and maximising additional regionalised revenues,” commented Garrick Simeon, Managing Director of General Dynamics Mediaware.

At IBC 2016, Mediaware will also demonstrate the full range of its current generation InStream and Matrix offerings. Designed for local or edge delivery, Mediaware products shift baseband functionality such as content insertion, time delay and loudness control into the headend, providing an multi-channel capability that integrates the best of IP, virtualisation and broadcast technologies. The modular architecture of InStream and Matrix allows broadcast and media companies to expand channel lineups as their business grows. All functions are built using standard interfaces thatcomplement existing headend workflows, and offer a convenient path to migrate from legacy technology for preparing and playing out compressed content for new channels and services.

For a demonstration of how Mediaware products can be used to reliably manage deployment costs on a channel-by-channel basis using our multi-channel transport stream processing and splicing, please visit General Dynamics Mediaware at IBC, Stand 5.A26.



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