Mediaware to showcase latest all-IP video routing and switching

CANBERRA, 7 September. Mediaware, Australia's leading provider of digital television technologies, has announced it will be demonstrating a new all-IP media routing and switching functionality and introduce its vision for cloud and hybrid environments at IBC 2017.


At IBC 2017, Mediaware will demonstrate a range of new features enabling superior video contribution and introduce its vision for video-centric TV delivery for cloud and hybrid environments.

With the key addition of 4:2:2, 10-bit colour and high bitrate AVC-Intra to the all IP-switching domain, Mediaware has created an efficient reality for sports and live TV delivery across multiple platforms.

Leveraging hundreds of globally deployed all-IP software delivered TV experiences, Mediaware will also introduce its vision for future video platforms, starting with its all new IP media matrix router interface.

At IBC 2017, Mediaware will demonstrate:

IP multi-platform delivery for sports broadcasting and live applications

Mediaware is announcing the release of the next version of InStream Splice with added support for 4:2:2 and 10-bit including high bitrate AVC Intra. The addition of contribution quality formats provides a solution for IP based routing with superior video quality. These enhancements provide an economical software solution ideally suited for delivering and managing blackout for sports at the contribution level, delivering directly to linear OTT channels without the burden of moving to compressed IP.

Software driven, all IP-media routing

To address the challenge of scale when transitioning to an all-IP facility, Mediaware has leverage its extensive experience frame accurate splicing experience and developed a software solution for routing multiple video services at the IP multicast level. Managed by a familiar and easy to use control interface, the routing layer resides in software, is scalable, multi-channel and provides a first step, transitional approach to moving video playout into cloud and hybrid environments.

"Since 2008, Mediaware has embraced and overcome the challenges associated with working with all-IP video. Our frame-accurate, no-transcode approach ensures maximum video and audio quality is always delivered to the viewer," said Garrick Simeon, Managing Director of Mediaware.

"At IBC 2017, Mediaware will introduce our vision for InStream built for on premises, private or public cloud deployment. With bandwidth hungry, high-quality deployments in mind, our recent rollout of support for the primary contribution ready format positions InStream as a scalable, high density, high-performance software system, perfect for cloud deployments.

During the show, Mediaware will also be showing the latest developments across its product range including new releases of Matrix with ACE and Delay for software based, multi-channel audio loudness control and transport stream time delay.

For a demonstration of Mediaware software being used to reliably manage your deployment costs on a channel by channel basis, please contact us or visit Mediaware at IBC 2017 in Hall 5, Stand A26.





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