Broadcast Delay

MPEG time shift for broadcasters

Broadcasters with coverage areas spanning multiple time zones need to introduce time shifts or delays to content delivered to those coverage areas so that its playout aligns with scheduled local broadcast times.

Content delivered across time zones is usually transported in a compressed digital format to minimize the unnecessary use of precious network bandwidth and consequently to reduce the cost of delivery.

General Dynamics Mediaware provides a high quality, high accuracy time shift solution which address both of these issues:

InStream Delay is a software solution which provides high quality, high accuracy native MPEG time shift of SD, HD and UltraHD content for delayed broadcast playout.

It operates completely within the compressed MPEG domain, meaning that it does not decode or re-encode content from compressed MPEG to decompressed baseband and back again, which maintains picture and sound quality and avoids the introduction of lossy artifacts.

InStream Dealy provides time shift delay to cater for:
    • Regional time zone differences
    • Daylight savings
    • Cable TV content delivery schedules
    • Localized transmission of satellite feeds
    • NVOD channels
    • Profanity delay

Visit the InStream Delay product page for further details.

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