InStream Flux

Smart Digital Recording Software
InStream Flux is a highly dependable, highly scalable software solution for capturing multiple UDP data channels.

InStream Flux is the ideal solution for securing your valuable content. It provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional hard disk recording solutions.

Utilizing a unique revolving storage mechanism, InStream Flux enables a large number of channels to be recorded and accessed on standard IT hardware.

InStream Flux ensures the content you capture is available immediately. Content is recorded agnostically and without user intervention. Set-and-forget record scheduling means you can manage it whether critical content is
in the past, the present or the future.

InStream Flux combined with Mediaware’s InStream Edit, becomes the perfect solution for recording and re-purposing on-air content as it is going to air.

InStream Edit’s fast trim and live file editing allows quick turn-around of on-air content for re-broadcast, web publishing and post analysis.

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