InStream Splice

InStream Splice is an entirely software-based TV channel ad insertion and playout solution that leverages the efficiencies of MPEG for ASI and IP networks. InStream Splice's scalable design will fit into any playout facility making it ideal for local head-end or edge delivery of multiple compressed channels of SD, HD and Ultra HD TV. You can deploy Instream Splice to support linear packaging of broadcast-quality video, audio and subtitles for regionalisation and localisation, as well as time delay, emergency alert systems and loudness correction. 

Underpinned by a proven software platform, you don't need to worry about which devices support which formats or codecs as InStream will take care of it for you automatically, with the control you are used to with baseband processing. Stream Splice reduces fixed costs/channel by eliminating dependence on physical playout devices and can be used with any combination of resolutions, across the spectrum of satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP television.

Since its inception in 2007, InStream Splice has helped leading broadcasters localise advertising and content, without compromising broadcast quality
High-volume splicing

For more than 5 years, a multi-channel broadcaster in the Asia-Pacific region has been relying on InStream Splice to perform 20,000 live ad insertion events daily – an average 600,000 splices per month.

Localising language and content

In Europe, InStream Splice is used to create seventeen HD services that simulcast with SD. 

Another European cable and television network uses InStream Splice to cover 10 regions with 20 channels, with InStream Splice performing insertions on each channel with five different languages and five different sets of subtitles in two formats. 

Both of these companies use a single off-the-shelf server to host their InStream Splice systems.

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Product Features and Benefits

InStream Splice delivers truly seamless, frame-accurate splicing directly into long-GOP MPEG-2, AVC/H.264 and HEVC/H.265, in resolutions from sub-SD to Ultra HD/4K, without any key-frame or I-frame requirements. Using commercially off the shelf hardware, InStream Splice acts as an end-to-end playout server that provides:

  • Impressive scalability
  • Optimal video and audio quality
  • Reduces per channel playout costs
  • Offers greater deployment flexibility

Compared to the standard baseband practice of duplicating systems, a single InStream Splice platform can support 20 HD channels or 40 SD channels at a lower cost offering;

  • Localised ad and program insertion
  • Logo insertion
  • Time delay
  • Loudness control
  • Automation options
  • Playlist support
  • Modern surround sound format support
  • Real time monitoring and redundancy.
For more information on InStream or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Mediaware