Logo Insertion

MPEG text and graphics insertion

Broadcasters wanting to differentiate their content for local, regional or global audiences need the ability to add channel branding to their playout workflow.

General Dynamics Mediaware provides InFuze, a logo insertion technology which allows for insertion of logos, static text and text crawls into SD and HD compressed MPEG-2 & H.264 video.

With InFuze technology, broadcasters can add logos, text crawls and EAS alerts to live or file-based playout content, providing distinctive identifiaction for regional stations, syndication partners and global content re-distributors.

InFuze can form part of a complete IP workflow for broadcasters, as it does not decode and then re-encode content in order to insert logos or text; all processing remains entirely within the compressed MPEG domain.

Broadcasters can also combine InFuze with InStream Delay for unique localized station branding with regionalised time shift capabilities.

Visit the InFuze product page for further details.

For more information, please contact Mediaware.