Technical Specifications for
The Mediaware Technology Matrix

Purchase the transport stream functionality you need, when you need it and avoid unnecessary hardware overhead.

The Mediaware Technology Matrix is a modular, scalable software chassis engineered to reduce overall system costs by utilising commercial off the shelf, IT grade hardware to provide transport stream processing functionality.

The unique processing mode of the Mediaware Technology Matrix gives you the flexibility you need to modify transport streams for:

  • loudness and normalisation
  • time delay
  • insert graphics and emergency alerts.

Functions can be combined to provide a single appliance, multi-channel loudness, time delay and logo insertion NVOD system.

Click on the module link below to download the detailed technical specification for currently available Matrix modules.

Module Function Operation
Audio Control Engine (ACE) Multi-channel audio loudness control and normalisation for statistically multiplexed transport streams that enables you to improve the viewers listening experience when channel surfing or comply with region-specific audio loudness obligations. ACE combines Mediaware's transport stream processing capability with the market-leading algorithms of Linear Acoustic™APTO*. It provides PID level real-time audio loudness processing and normalisation to defined profiles such as CALM, EBU R.128, OP59 or manual overrides. Supports multiple audio PIDS and all audio formats including common multi-channel surround formats. Can operate on both SPTS and MPTS statisically mulitplexed streams in ASI and IP, scalling up to 100 audio PIDs per server. 
Delay Transport Stream time delay for managing regional time differences, disaster recovery and create near-time video-on-demand (nVOD) and +1 channels
Transport stream level time delay module for delaying streams for a configurable period of time from seconds to days supported.
InFuze Insert logos, text crawls or emergency messages directly into multiple compressed transport streams
PID level logo or ticker insertion. Unique mode of inserting logo content directly into compressed video within a transport stream. All transport stream components are passed through identical to the source, with logo embedded into the video PID.
Supports multiple video PIDs.

* Linear Acoustic™APTO┬« is designed to control loudness of audio content within user specificed parameters while providing the best listening experience within a wide range of playback environments.

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