A modular, scalable software chassis for flexible transport stream processing
Mediaware recognises that, due to the constantly evolving nature of broadcast systems, successful transport stream processing solutions must be designed to anticipate changing customer requirements.

Designed for broadcasters using compressed video for satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP television, the Mediaware Technology Matrix allows operators to flexibly configure our stream processing technologies in the form of modules operating within a consolidated technology platform.

Current Matrix modules include time delay, real-time logo insertion and audio loudness control. All modules can operate on SPTS (single program transport stream) and MPTS (multi-program transport stream) statistically multiplexed services in ASI and IP.

Modules can be scaled to meet demand, much like the familiar hardware card-based modular chassis of old.

Matrix’s unique transport stream processing mode modifies transport stream packets without the need to re-multiplex, negating the need for highly complex stream reconstruction.

Matrix is a software product engineered to reduce overall system costs by utilising commercial off the shelf, IT grade hardware. Purchase what you need, when you need it, and avoid unnecessary hardware overhead.

Matrix Modules
 Module Function
 Shift Transport stream time delay Transport stream level time delay module for delaying streams for a configurable period of time from seconds to days supported.
InFuze Graphic MPEG logo insertion PID level logo or ticker insertion. Unique mode of inserting logo content directly into compressed video within a transport stream.  All transport stream components are passed through identical to the source, with logo embedded into the video PID.  Supports multiple video PIDs.
 ACE Audio loudness control and normalization PID level real-time audio loudness processing and normalisation to defined profiles such as CALM, EBU R.128, OP59 or manual over-rides. Supports multiple audio PIDs and all audio formats including common multi-channel surround formats.

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