InStream Delay

TS Time delay for multi-channels and multi-timezones

InStream Delay is an MPEG Transport Stream time delay server that provides time delay for one to many channels, serving multiple delayed outputs. Ideally suited to time zone delay, regional delays, facility input stream time alignment, disaster recovery applications and catch-up +1 TV channels.

InStream Delay works directly at the MPEG transport stream level so that streams such as DVB/ATSC MPEG are delayed with no requirement to decode, transcode or re-encode content, completely eliminating the quality losses which these processes incur.

Transport streams carried over IP or ASI, SPTS or MPTS are delayed regardless of content, with the result that changes to content, PID’s, programmes or TS bit-rate, do not require reconfiguration. The design approach means that TS level corruption does not impact the system uptime and does not induce variability to the delay period.

InStream Delay is a software product designed to run on commodity off-the-shelf server hardware. Purchase what you need, when you need it, and avoid unnecessary hardware overheads.

High accuracy, multi-channel transport stream time delay

Delivering delayed TV channels globally




  • Content agnostic transparent data delay - transport stream contents are delayed regardless of components
  • Supports multiple input streams with multiple time-shift outputs per input
  • No decode/re-encode - no loss in quality
  • Delays proprietary data formats
  • Accurately recovers delay from power loss
  • Extremely robust to input stream failure by fault tolerant design
  • Supports IP, ASI, SPTS, MPTS, HEVC, H.264 or MPEG-2 up to UHD
  • Scalable and licensed to your need
  • WEB based user interface
  • No proprietary hardware required, runs on standard IT hardware


InStream Delay - Case Study


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