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Essential software tools for accelerating everyday broadcast tasks

With so many devices creating high quality compressed video, there is a growing need for multiple channel digital recording, editing and repurposing software tools to allow operators to reliably automate repetitive and time consuming professional broadcast and archive tasks.

From ingest and recording of content to delivery and archive of multiple channels, Mediaware's portfolio of advanced MPEG processing technologies offer best-of-breed automated capabilities to help you to turnaround your content, get it back on air or preserve for archival purposes. We offer automatic or semi-automatic integration within your compressed content workflows including essential capabilities such as recording and clipping as well as managing transcoding of multiple bitrates, frame size profiles and resolutions.

Mediaware's portfolio of fast, accurate and reliable integration tools include:

  • InStream Edit 
  • Flux
  • M2 Edit-CL
  • M2 XCode-CL
  • EditEngine API

Automate repetitive and time consuming professional broadcast and archival tasks

Mediaware's multi-channel digital recording, editing and repurposing software tools offer best-of-breed automated capabilities.



  • InStream Edit provides fast turnaround trim and cut editing and is the perfect tool for preparing ingested content for playout insertion.
  • Flux is highly scalable software solution for capturing multiple UDP data channels and is a cost-effective solution to traditional hard disk recording solutions.
  • M2 Edit-CL allows frame accurate, long GOP command line editing while preserving the highest possible image quality. This product can be used to edit, delete, extract and output MPEG video and audio streams.
  • M2 XCode-CL is a command line driven application that enables the frame-accurate conversion of MPEG and H.264/AVC video from one profile to another including the capability to encode a series of still images into an MPEG video output file.
  • EditEngine is a technology engine for editing and repurposing video and its underlying metadata. It provides frame accurate editing, transcoding, encoding and frame extraction.


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