Introducing Matrix

Give your headend the edge it needs

The Mediaware Technology Matrix is a modular, scalable software appliance for flexible processing of transport streams and statistically multiplexed content. Designed for broadcasters using compressed video for edge delivery, Matrix allows you to action logo insertions, time delay and loudness control compliance within your headend for immediate playout.

Preparing and playing out compressed content for new channels and services such as near-video-on-demand (NVOD) is simplified by the modular nature of Matrix. It allows you to quickly increase or decrease channel line-ups without the escalating costs normally associated with channel expansion.

With software components running on commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, Matrix offers a convenient path to migrate to IP-ready technology. It seamlessly interfaces with your existing broadcast headend infrastructure and provides functionality that integrates the best of IP, virtualisation and broadcast TV.

Benefits of using the Matrix:

  • Simple plug and play operation
  • Low latency
  • Enable/disable modules on demand
  • Operates at a PID level allowing processing post statistically multiplexing
  • Avoids complexity by removing infrastructure duplication
  • Delivers multiple functionalities in a single pass

Essential compressed video processing software for your headend

Deploying Matrix refines the economics of preparing and delivering your multi-channel MPEG content


Matrix unique processing mode modifies video and audio packets without the need to re-multiplex

The Mediaware Technology Matrix releases you from escalating costs by allowing you to configure Mediaware’s stream processing technologies in the form of software modules operating within a consolidated technology platform.

Matrix's unique transport stream processing mode modifies PIDs without the need to re-multiplex, negating the need for highly complex stream reconstruction when modification is necessary to:

  • comply with regional loudness requirements
  • normalise volume across multiple playout channels
  • insert logos into pass-through feeds
  • delay program delivery.

All modules can operate on single program transport stream (SPTS) and multi-program transport stream (MPTS) statistically multiplexed services in ASI and IP and are compatible with commonly used compression/distribution standards including HEVC/H.265.

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