Meet InStream Splice

A software based product that frame accurately splices multiple transport streams

Instream Splice is our market-proven MPEG splicer suitable for multi-channel linear ad insertion and transport stream playout and channel origination.

Ideal for local headend or edge delivery of multiple compressed channels, InStream Splice replaces or inserts content such as advertisements, local news or live events into compressed video feeds. InStream Splice is compatible with commonly used compressed and distribution standards and provides the software tools for hands-free, cost effective channel regionalisation and content playout without wholesale infrastructure duplication.

Popular ways of using InStream Splice:

  • Insert live local content into pass-through feeds
  • Replace national advertising with localised commercial material
  • Create local channels.
  • Manage insertion of multiple audio and subtitles
  • Comply with regional licensing requirements via black out insertion


Extract more Value from your Splicing

InStream Splice is a software-based product that frame accurately splices multiple transport streams without traditional baseband decoding and re-encoding.

Deployed on off-the-shelf computing shelf computing hardware, InStream Splice simplifies the digital broadcast delivery chain by combining a built-in video server with Mediaware's unique, seamless splicing know-how for HEVC, AVC and MPEG-2.

Users of InStream Splice benefit from rapid deployment and lower costs from up to 40 SD and 20 HD independently spliced channels per server. Fully integrated functions include input stream redundancy, multi-channel audio and loudness control with broadcast commercial insertion controlled via third party automation or Mediaware' own InStream Play.

Features of InStream Splice:

  • Suitable for linear ad insertion, content replacement, blackout and TS playout
  • Frame accurate, no live transcode necessary
  • Built-in video server
  • In-built redundancy including input/output failover and recovery
  • SD/HD Ultra HD HEVC, MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2
  • Support for 4:2:2 and 10 bit colour including high bitrate AVC-Intra
  • Support for multi-channel audio and subtitles
  • Accommodates multi-channel configurations from one to hundreds of channels
  • Multiple triggering options including SCTE35 for opt-out channels
  • Audio correction options with Linear Acoustic APTO loudness control*.

InStream Splice interfaces with your existing broadcast infrastructure to provide an end-to-end playout server, giving viewers the highest quality media experience at the lowest cost possible.

* Powered by Linear Acoustic APTO. APTO is designed to control loudness of audio content within user specified parameters while providing the best listening experience within a wide range of playback environments.

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