Premium Support

Support that works for you.

Mediaware offers a comprehensive support agreement for your deployed suite of Mediaware software products. By packaging various combinations of services, you can have the coverage and protection that modern media businesses demand, in a package tailored to suit your operation and budget.

Premium support offers access to all software updates and software releases for the supported life of your products. Around the clock access to support personnel and reduced dispatch times assures confidence.

Leveraging our team of experienced software development, system integration and support engineers, in co-operation with our global network of partner service and support centres, Mediaware is able to offer you a comprehensive support agreement for the life of your system.


  • Future proof your investment with continuous improvement via ongoing software upgrades
  • One contract, one contact simplifies maintenance requirements
  • Rapid response times for resolution of outstanding issues
  • Predictable and controlled maintenance costs
  • Experienced media-focused field support engineers that will work with your staff to confidently manage all aspects of your Mediaware system.

Support that benefits your business

Our customer support team provides the expertise you need, when you need it

Mediaware Support Inclusions

Our customer support team provides the expertise you need to fully harness the power of your Mediaware software with a range of support levels guaranteeing support response a levels that suit your business.

We employ extensive remote diagnostics to provide critical fixes, minimise downtime, perform configuration changes, upgrades and diagnostic maintenance. Customers are encouraged to provide remote access to their systems to take advantage of this customer support capability.

Mediaware Support Inclusions Standard Support Premium Support
Multi-year support coverage Optional Optional
Emergency phone support Business hours 24 x 7
On-site support (non-critical) dispatch  5 days 3 days
On-site support (critical) dispatch  3 days 1 day
Remote access support Next day 24 x 7
Dispatch of spare parts for advance exhange  3 days 24 hours
Expedited shipping fees to customers  Included Included
Software updates (patches & updated software releases)   Patch releases only All software releases
Support Pricing 12% 18%

All references to Business Hours, Days and Day or Regular Business Hours means between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) or Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), Monday through Friday except non Mediaware working days.

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