TV Headend Signal Processing

Mediaware products are designed to simplify regionalisation and new channel creation. They shift baseband functionality such as content insertion, time delay and loudness control into the headend to provide multi-channel capability that integrates the best of IP, virtualisation and broadcast TV technologies.

Our time shift, ad and logo insertion solutions allow you to quickly expand channel lineups, releasing you from an escalating per channel cost.

Video repurposing

Mediaware offers flexible, high quality solutions which are designed to optimize a broadcast facility's video repurposing workflow. Mediaware's solutions enable our customers to extract more revenue from purchased video content by repurposing it for different markets and screens.

Working entirely within the compressed digital video domain, our solutions reduce complexity, save time and money, and retain the highest levels of broadcast video and audio quality.

Imagery exploitation

Mediaware delivers intuitive imagery exploitation solutions to help our customers optimize their use of video and data captured from manned and unmanned airborne sensor platforms.

Leveraging over a decade of front-line experience, we develop the full motion video tools our customers need to derive timely, relevant and accurate geospatial intelligence from airborne video and telemetry.

Integration building blocks

Mediaware has a long heritage of providing the software building blocks for larger MPEG-2 and H.264/AVC video and metadata processing systems.

Our standards compliant approach allows us to develop comprehensive video building blocks for system integrators. Many of our products have been integrated with proven, best-in-industry technology.