Media routing for Sports and live TV

Software based IP routing for multi-platform delivery

A live broadcast covering a large sporting or news event is one of the most technically challenging assignments for any broadcaster. Large, demanding global audiences with expectations of high quality experiences create pressure to produce a well-choreographed, real-time broadcast across multiple platforms. Often this will require a mix of permanent and short term high quality primary contribution feeds that need to be seamlessly integrated with feeds or slates from a studio or other locations to package a complete broadcast stream and meet content rights obligations.
In an effort to simplify this task, add flexibility and reduce cost, Broadcasters are turning to IP technology to streamline delivery of high quality content across all platforms.
The challenge of managing all of the different signal types and locations can be a daunting task and broadcasters welcome vendors that scale with the itinerant nature of sports contribution. It is here where software based media routing offers the biggest benefit in terms of on-demand scale, cost and time to deploy.
Mediaware has 20 years of experience in working with software-based TV processing systems and uses modern software design principles to ensure that our software is designed to support the needs of modern video-centric IP deployments.


High Quality Contribution Routing

InStream Splice is an ideal solution to manage IP switching and routing for compressed real-time content. Designed for multi-channel, high quality, live IP feeds, InStream Splice provides IP switching, content insertion and redundancy. InStream Splice is UltraHD-ready with in-built support for 4:2:2 and 10 bit including high bitrate AVC-Intra for supporting routing of high-quality primary contribution feeds


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Media routing


Our media routing software simplifies your operation with a scalable high density, high performance software system. Complete with a simple and customisable web user interface that is indispensable for managing last minute content feed changes. Mediaware helps you reduce your hardware footprint and manage the routing of multiple inputs and outputs for IP feeds.


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Switching for content rights management

Managing content rights at scale and multiple platforms is a challenging and costly task. Mediaware’s InStream is a software solution ideally suited for delivering blackout and content replacement for live content or for sports directly on the primary contribution level. Switching in software at the IP transport layer reduces costs, scales on-demand and improves the quality delivered to linear OTT users.

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