Transport Stream Processing

Innovative modular software solutions for managing expanding channel line-ups

Mediaware is a leader in designing software that utilises compressed domain processing to overcome increasing linear cost blowout. Our customers benefit from our digital video processing solutions maximising bandwidth and improving the overall output quality of their broadcast signals. Adding a software license to existing equipment is an efficient and cost effective way to handle the transport stream processing activities associated with expanding channel line-ups and regionalisation value drivers.

In live linear environments, TS processing such logo insertion, time delay and loudness control can be achieved in one software appliance - without the expense of additional encoders and compression headend equipment. Instead, you deploy functionality on the number of channels as-and-when required, using software installed on standard IT servers.

This straightforward approach outrivals discrete solutions in both value and performance, enables simpler IP-based administration and the freedom to purchase commodity servers from quality vendors.

Loudness control

Mediaware’s Audio Control Engine (ACE) is a multi-channel loudness processor for statistically multiplexed transport streams for up to 100 audio channels. It combine's Mediaware's unique transport stream processing software with the market-leading algorithms of Linear Acoustic® to provide operators with an alternative technology choice for managing loudness compliance.

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Time delay

Mediaware’s time delay functionality delivers a highly accurate MPEG transport stream time delay solution. It effortlessly enables time-zone adjustment and the implementation of NVOD, +1 channels and companion online services.

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Graphics and emergency messaging

Insert graphics such as channel bugs or alerts directly into compressed MPEG.

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